Although solving design problems is challenging, bringing the end solution to fruition is exhilarating. In an effort to demystify creativity and the process, let's take an initial look at what some say on the matter.


You receive an email from your client with images for their website. Download the images as soon as you can and make sure they have the right specifications (dimensions and dpi) and that the images will work within your design stylistica...


It's April and I'm planning a trip in Hawaii in September. Last time I went for a visit, I stayed in my cousin's hut on the Big Island, while designing an ad at 11pm my only night on that island. My accommodations were was open air, on s...


Just pop a design pill and voila! The design process is that simple.


I'm still learning how complex the process is. I've been curious about it for years, and I started to write about it in 2015. The more I dove into it, the more I dis...


I ate the apple and my eyes were opened to the feeling of being exposed. The symbolic fruit often summons the insecurities that lies deep within. Then the "voices" are given license to sing their songs. What are people going to think of...


The je ne sais quoi of great design. Do you feel it? That surge of emotion coursing through every part of you when your design solution hits the mark.

When I get that tingling feeling and the hair on my arms stands on end, I know I've fou...



A compelling way to examine the design process is through experts' perceptions of the shape of its course. Is it round? Or maybe linear? The answers are delightfully surprising, informative and shed light on how these artists and designe...



...good design takes time. There are efficient routes, but no short cuts. I do reinvent the wheel by creating custom solutions for specific problems. The only formula seems to be that the process is organic.

By looking at the Design...

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You're in deep exploration of graphic design.

You're in deep exploration of design. Graphic Design.

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brinktank is a vessel for design. Let's dive in deep to explore, define and advocate for this evolving realm. In a world where creativity has become a commodity...

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What is creativity?

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