For whom is this blog?


profile 01: us

profile 02: starting designers

profile 03: experienced designers who desire
inspiration and support 

profile 04: anyone who “buys design” and
wants to know


profile 05: lovers of design

profile 06: you

...we can fuel the frustration, or fill up the brinktank with hardy content. 

I look forward to sharing novel findings, stimulating experiments, saucy deductions and anything that supports the field of design and makes people smile. Because I do (most design-filled days anyway).


I love graphic design. I have since my first internship at Communication Arts Magazine, where I was exposed to the work of the best designers in the world. I was 19 and found my calling. At the time, I was in college at Santa Clara University, studying Print Journalism and Fine Art, and continued on to CAC to immerse myself in the rigorous design curriculum.


Fast forward to working for several award-winning agencies, I now own Brink Creative. It's rewarding, challenging, exciting and informs my writing in the brinktank. Our staff of 31 is prolific. I'm the principal, then we have: Willie and Mario (the two pups who greet all guests); Freckles and Snow (wily goats who keep the grass mowed); and 26 chickens (I think we all know what they're good for).


Never a dull moment. If you're in East Austin, stop by for coffee. If you're elsewhere, please leave a comment and let us know if you'd like to contribute to brinktank.

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