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Go ahead, get nakid

I ate the apple and my eyes were opened to the feeling of being exposed. The symbolic fruit often summons the insecurities that lies deep within. Then the "voices" are given license to sing their songs. What are people going to think of me when I launch this website? What if the client doesn't like any of my logo ideas? What if the creative team laughs at me and things I'm stupid? What will happen when they find out that I don't know what I'm doing? Vulnerability isn't comfortable in most realms and throughout different times in ones career.

These lurking feels of inadequacy often stay hidden and can easily be ignored. But to be a successful artist or designer, we need to put ourselves "out there" on the limb every day and shed light on our darker side. If we accept the challenge to acknowledge the fears and process them, we can then refocus on the actual task at hand and go even deeper into discovery. The outcome is richer, more powerful and results in a better end product, as well as a more developed self. But this hard work is never done...some insecurities repeat and new ones can arise. But all of these fears serve a higher purpose. To keep us striving for improvement, to refine our processes, to hone our people skills, to learn new techniques, and to challenge ourselves conceptually. So put it all out there! Experiment. Launch. Test. Ask. Leap. Go for it.

It's time to expose yourself...tell us what scares you the most about your work.

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