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How do you know it's right?

The je ne sais quoi of great design. Do you feel it? That surge of emotion coursing through every part of you when your design solution hits the mark.

When I get that tingling feeling and the hair on my arms stands on end, I know I've found the right concept. One that's fitting for a client, is fresh and has legs to expand through various design applications. The feeling is comparable to love at first sight.

Wendi Koletar, the owner and buyer for Kick Pleat, comments on the feeling when something is right. "It's like being on a wire and either side makes a sound...either side is slightly off, but there’s a hum when you’re right there on the line. The word is balance." She's an expert at fashion, and has honed the connection between her eye and her intuition, a true talent and sign of experience.

How do you know when it's "right"?

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