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Vacation from design, an urban myth?

It's April and I'm planning a trip in Hawaii in September. Last time I went for a visit, I stayed in my cousin's hut on the Big Island, while designing an ad at 11pm my only night on that island. My accommodations were was open air, on stilts on top of an active volcano, so all in know. I'm curious what projects I'll be working on this trip.

One of my favorite designers, Margo Chase, was on her way to Paris when she received the call to design Madonna's logo for her “Drowned World” Tour in 2001. Margo spent her first day of her vacation in her Parisian hotel creating the first presentation of logo options. Margo is a real pro and could have said “no” to the project, but that is a difficult reply when presented a great opportunity.

This has been my experience every time I leave town. If I get the call for a new job (and I had this happen while in a cab on the way to airport), I stay committed to one of my golden rules "to make hay when the sun shines." I'm also aware that scope creep happens almost always and I have this commitment to finishing projects when in my control.

Most of the free world seems to take extended periods of time off. I'll take half days from time to time and I often wonder if this classifies me as a workaholic, or if running a design biz solo is just a 24/7 commitment. Especially if you want to be at the top of the game in this new design world and regularly turn a profit. If I worked for a firm, I could take weekends and two weeks off a year, but since I run a one-woman show, I ask:

is it realistic for a solo designer with a repeat clientele to take an extended vacation?

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